Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year, New Adventures

In Disney for Christmas
trying out Chef Mickey's tools

Happy New years to all my readers (all one of you.) Last year I was able to try some new things, meet some great BBQ guys, go on a cooking podcast (NOLA Food Podcast check it out), and generally increase my BBQ skills.

I cooked a whole leg of venison for Thanksgiving. It came out great but the one I did for Christmas was better. I also smoked a leg of wild hog. It was very good.

All in all it was a fun BBQ year. This year will have some new things in store.

This year my wife and I are trying to eat closer to home. More farm-to-table style with fresh veggies and less frozen processed foods. I want to try my hand at making sausage and bacon. I'm not sure if I'll get to the sausage but the bacon looks like it shouldn't be difficult.

I plan to judge more competitions and get some more reviews of products up. Whether restaurants, sauces, rubs or tools we'll see. I do have some in the pantry waiting for reviews. These have been given to me as gifts from friends or I have won them in various contests.

I also want to try to do some more videos. Not sure what you BBQ fans would like to see but I am open for suggestions.

It will be an interesting year and I look forward to the new adventures. Feel free to leave comments or email me suggestions or comments. I do read them and try to respond.

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