Monday, December 19, 2011

Recipe: Gibbs Ribs

My all time favorite BBQ is ribs. When cooked correctly they are a combination sweet pork and savory spices with hints of smoke that marry the flavors together in a magically wonderful way. Ribs aren't difficult to make but take about 5-6 hours to do correctly.

There are many different ways to make ribs and various methods and spices you can use. Below is how I make them and the way my family likes them. They are based off of our teams 1st place ribs but tweaked for our home palates.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Operation Thanksgiving Turkey 2011

This was the fourth year of Operation Thanksgiving Turkey (OTT). The first year we smoked 40 turkeys to feed 40 needy families in our area and this year we smoked 300. We involved our community and church to gain a pool of volunteers.

This year we had two churches involved. The first was First Baptist Church of Fort Mill. They were gracious enough to let us use their huge parking lot to camp out overnight and smoke the turkeys as well as their kitchen to prep all the turkeys. We cooked 250 of the turkeys there. The second church was Tega Cay Baptist. They prepped and cooked 50 of the turkeys.