Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Res-Qing the Rescue Squad

My wife is the admin for the Fort Mill Rescue Squad and earlier this year they had me cook some BBQ for them. They loved it. They invited me back to cook for them for their Christmas party. They needed some rescuing from previous, not so good, party food.

I was happy to do it for them. I struggled over the menu for awhile and originally planned brisket, burnt ends, turkey, MOINK balls, mac n cheese, salad and dessert. The brisket fell through as I was having trouble finding it in the area. I ended up doing pulled pork. It all turned out great.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Interview: Redneck Scientific

Team:Redneck Scientific
Location: Clayton, North Carolina
Web Page:

I had the pleasure of meeting the Head Pitmaster behind Redneck Scientific at the Q-City Charlotte BBQ Championship. I have followed Redneck Scientific on Twitter for a while and wanted to meet them in person. Jerry is a lot of fun to hang out with and talk to. He knows his way around a pit and pig and enjoys what he does. They make their own sauces and rubs that they use when they cook on their homemade UDSes (Ugly Drum Smokers) or as Jerry calls them Redneck Convection Ovens™.

Since 2011, Redneck Scientific has:

  • won 3 Grand Championships
  • had 2 Reserve Grand Championships
  • earned 3 perfect 180 scores in KCBS (We are the only team to ever earn a perfect score in Ribs and have 2 separate  180 scores in NC contest since 2009)
  • finished Top 10 Overall  16 times
  • won first place in a category 12 times
  • had 7 top ten Chicken calls
  • had 12 top ten Rib Calls
  • had 16 top ten Pork Calls
  • had 16 top ten calls in Brisket

Below is a short interview and some tips for cooking that Christmas turkey.