Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Doomer's "Q" Sauce Original - Something a little different

Creator: Doomer's LLC
Location: Parkville, MD
Cost: $14
Link: Doomer's "Q" Sauce

Back in January I entered a contest to win a pack of Doomer's "Q" sauce. I was lucky and won. At my house we have our staple sauces that I make so don't buy commercial sauces on a regular basis. Since I have started up this blog I have had a couple sauces come in for reviews but always have a hard time opening a new bottle unless another bottle of sauce is gone. I finally decided it was time to try Doomer's "Q" Sauce Original. I'm glad I did.

I fired up my grill to cook some pork chops on and use the sauce with. I sprinkled the pork chops with my Q rub and let them sit for a little while to get the rub and flavors to activate.
Rubbed and ready.
When the grill was hot enough, I put the chops on for five minutes on each side. I then basted them with the Doomer's Q sauce and flipped them for about two and a half minutes. I then did the other side. I served the pork chops to the family with rice. I added some of the sauce to my rice to give it a little extra flavor. We all enjoyed them very much.
Cooking nicely.
Ready to eat.
The Sauce
The sauce has a nice consistency. It is not as thick as ketchup but it is not as runny as vinegar. It makes it easy to paint onto meat and would work well as a marinade.

You can see some of the spices suspended in the sauce and it has a nice tangy, sweet smell to it that gets your mouth watering. The flavor of it is tomatoey, spicy and something else that we couldn't quite figure out. After reading the label we decided it must be the anchovies that are used in the sauce. They give it a very nice umami flavor.

One of my girls thought the sauce was too spicy. My other daughter and wife thought it was just right, as did I. I could easily use this sauce on wings, chicken, ribs and even brisket. It has a great flavor that complements the meat well. I might even try it on grilled shrimp.

For dessert we had a nice strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberries from a local farm. It was a great dinner.
This is defiantly a "hand crafted sauce." On the Gibbs Ribs scale* this sauce gets a full rack of perfectly cooked ribs. I recomend picking up a bottle and trying it at your next cookout. I look forward to trying the other Doomer sauces I have. I just need to find the right meat to try them on.

*When I do reviews, books or otherwise, I rate the items with ribs (they are my favorite BBQ dish). A full rack is great and a single rib is poor. I will tend to stick to a full rack, half rack or one rib.


  1. Wow, a full rack! Thanks Steve...glad the family enjoyed it.

    1. The whole family loved it. Since I have started doing reviews they have become more critical of what we eat. Not sure if that is good or bad. :-/

  2. Nice review, Steve. We love us the Doomer's! As fellow Marylander's, it is truly a unique "Maryland Style" bbq sauce.

    As you said, not as "thick as ketchup" and not as "runny as vinegar"... I think it's the best of both, and very middle of the road in consistency. Nice overall balance of thickness to taste.

    Doomer's Original really rocked on some beef brisket we cooked up recently with Draper's new Moo'd Enhancer rub.

    Doomer's makes a Dark Sauce with a chocolate base that is surprisingly delicious! If you told me I'd like chocolate in my BBQ sauce I would've said... um, no thanks! But... it is remarkably good. Todd and Jo Dooms of Doomer's have a great line-up of sauces!

    1. I look forward to trying the other two sauces. I love molé sauce so I look forward to the the one with the chocolate in it. I'm thinking I'll need to make wings to use the shot sauce on. :-)

      The thickness of it is great to paint onto the meat and not over sauce it either.

      Thanks for reading.

  3. Hdd Doomers' Q-sauce at a party on the 4th -- gotta find a place close to Lutherville, MD so I can buy my own!

    The best BBQ sauce I've had in a along time. I can't tell the number of "national" brands I have tried and thrown out the wholebottle!

    Catherine in Lutherville

    1. I've found the handcrafted non-national brands have great flavors and the guys who make them are experimenting with various flavors with great success.