Thursday, May 17, 2012

Top Chef Tour

Ok, I know it's not BBQ, but its cooking and it's fun.

Yesterday when I was walking to the train to go home I noticed a tent being set up across from the train station with a large orange sign on it that read "Top Chef The Tour ." This looked interesting but I needed to get home so I didn't think much more about it.
This morning I was walking into work from the train and the tent was still there. This called for an investigation.

Review: Southern Living's Big Book of BBQ

Creator: Southern Living (Time Inc. Lifestyle Group)
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2.2 or later.

Cost: $7.99 (Price increasing to $12.99 after July 4, 2012)
Link: Big Book of BBQ

A few years ago I took one of Chef Troy Black's BBQ classes, he is the Southern Living Pitmaster. It was a great class and I learned a lot about competition BBQ from it. A couple months later, I found out he had worked on the Big Book of BBQ for Southern Living. I saw it at Books-a-Million on day and flipped through it. It looked good but I didn't have it in the budget to purchase it. A couple weeks later, I was looking through iPad apps and came across the Big Book of BBQ app. I thought it sounded very familiar so I looked at the information about it and it was the app of the same book. At $7.99 I figured it would be worth the purchase. It was.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Review: Meyer's Original BarBecue Sauce

Creator: Meyers’ Elgin Sausage
Location: Cuetopia, TX - Home of the Fighting Sausage Heads  
Cost: $4.95 + shipping and handling

Meyer's Elgin Smokehouse makes a variety of rubs, sauces and other delectible delights that I have had the privalige of reviewing. The Original BBQ sauce is no exception. From its sweet and tangy scent to its mouth filling flavor this sauce is a delight.