Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Feeding Volunteers

My wife is a part time administrative assistant for  the Fort Mill Rescue Squad. A couple of weekends ago they had a cleaning day and I told her I would help by feeding the squad. It is always fun to cook for a group of people that helps the community.

I planned for about 20 people and served pulled pork, smoked turkey, slaw and baked beans. It went well.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review: Something Sweet - Cloister Honey

Creator: Cloister Honey
Price: $3-$11 depending on product
Link: Cloister Honey

Honey and BBQ work well together. I use honey on my ribs, in my sauces and glazes for wings. This year I am trying to use more local produce and items for our table and trying to be more farm-to-table oriented. Last year when our local Whole Foods opened my wife and I were checking it out and came across Cloister Honey. They were passing out samples of their honey and we both liked what we tried.
The bottles of sweet liquid gold. 
At the end of January this year I was surprised with a sampler pack of their products and my little cooking mind started to dream. We had a bottle of their wildflower honey, arbor chili pepper honey, chipotle pepper honey, vanilla honey, bourbon infused honey, whipped cinnamon honey and the whipped lemon honey. Oh the choices.