Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Ok, so I'm a bit late. We're into the new year all ready and lots is going on. I have a few reviews coming this month for my friends at Meyers Elgin Sausage, a review of the super fast Thremapen and another of ThermoWorks fabulous thermometers (TW8060) and my new cooker. 

It was a good Christmas. I got a Louisiana Grill pellet cooker for Christmas from my very good friends and a ThermoWorks thermometer. I also did three cooks between Christmas and New Years to really break the new cooker in. 
Louisiana Grill Pellet Cooker. 
For Christmas I cooked a 20lb turkey and a chuck roast (referred to as a chuckie in the BBQ world). Both turned out well.
Christmas diner cooking.
I was able to use my TW8060 to make sure the thermometers on the grill were accurate and to watch the temperature on the chuckie. The family said this was the best turkey I have done.
TW8060 working like a charm.
Checking the turkey. Blazing fast black Thermapen says its almost there. 
Resting and waiting to carve.
Later in the week I made MOINK balls and pigs on the wing for hors d'vours. I used some of Meyers BBQ sauces on the MOINK balls and wings. I also made ribs and pork butts. During the cooking of these was actually able to go to olunch with my family and not worry about adding wood.
MmmmmmmmmOINK balls. 
Butts and ribs... YUMMY!
It amazes me how much less work it is to use this new grill then my other grills. I don't have to watch the temperature all the time and add wood. The TW8060 is a great addition to my arsenal and let's me know exactly what the cooker is doing. Looking forward to getting all the reviews of the new toys and tastes done and seeing what the year has in store. 

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