Monday, January 23, 2012

Drunken Chicken with a Twist

Final product
I've been thinking about trying to make a drunken spatchcock chicken for a long time. I finally tried it this weekend and videoed it. Normally with a drunken chicken you take a half can of beer and stick the chicken on it and set it on the cooker until it's done. Spatchcocking basically means you butterfly it. Therefor it can't fit it on a can of beer any more. I laid mine on a rack in a pan and put some wine in the pan to cook it. It was a first for me to try it this way and also video it. 

One of my daughters was my "camera girl" for this and she did a pretty good job. Hopefully I will be able to do more vlogs so you can see what I do.
The basic recipe I used was this:
  • Mustard sauce
  • Favorite poultry rub
  • 1 3/4 cup Sauvignon Blanc
Paint the chicken with the mustard sauce and sprinkle liberally with rub. Let the chicken sit for about an hour to get the rub and sauce to flavor it some. Lay the spatchcocked chicken in a pan on a rack and pour the wine under it. Put it on the smoker until it is done. The cooker temperature was between 275°-300°f. 

Since I had the cooker going I decided to make some MOINK balls and wings too. I used my regular rub and added some extra red pepper to it to give the wings a little more spice. When they were almost done cooking I painted them with Meyers Elgin Smokehouse Spicy BBQ sauce. It is a good sauce for this and adds a little heat. 
Wings waiting for the cooker.
Fully loaded.
Wings and MOINK balls.
It was raining off and on so I had to set up my little tent to protect the cooker. I also had to pull out the spot  since it got dark while I was cooking. 
Rain setup.
Night rain setup.
Everything came out great. And the only left overs was some of the chicken because everyone pigged out on the wings and MOINK balls. 
Waiting to be carved
Ready to eat.


  1. Great video! You have an Awesome camera man... er person! She did a great job! I love when a great smoked chicken comes out with moist breast meat like that. The video actually helps me see how things are actually supposed to be done. I learn better that way. Good job Steve!

  2. The video is fun to do. In the archives of the way back machine there is one called Snow Q where I show how I do a pork butt. Hopefully I can do some more videos.