Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Best Christmas Present - for Q

Last Christmas I received one of the most useful gifts for Q. Silicon gloves. These are one of the most useful tools in my arsenal of Q tools I have. They are insulated black silicon gloves that allow me to grab meat off the hot cooker, pull pork without getting third degree burns and are easy to clean.

They are not good for grabbing a hot grate or stone as it will melt the silicon. The meat doesn't tend to get as hot as the metal or stone so I have never had any trouble with that. To clean them I leave them on, get a little dish soap on them and wash my hands in warm water. This insures I don't get any water inside the gloves. Once they are grease free I lay them down to dry or dry them on a towel.

Many cooking stores carry these gloves and they can also be found on Amazon for about $10. If you make a lot of Q it will be some of the best $10 you will spend.

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