Thursday, April 24, 2014

Barbecue America


Sadly this magazine has gone under with only two issues under it's belt. It was a great magazine and I would love to see another of it's kind appear. I will leave the information here in memory of it. 

Barbecue America is a new magazine for BBQ enthusiast that hit shelves this month. I've met Rick Browne, the editor, at a couple BBQ competitions and he talked about the magazine. I'm glad to see it coming out and it looks to be a good one for us BBQers.  

Here is a little more about it from their site:

BARBECUE AMERICA MAGAZINE looks to become the definitive magazine for pitmasters, backyard BBQers, competitive cooking teams, foodies, families and individuals for whom barbecue represents more than a type of cooking but a lifestyle. BARBECUE AMERICA MAGAZINE will celebrate barbecue as a year-long pleasure that crosses geographic and political borders, social and cultural barriers, and connects people on a basic and elemental level though the print and digital versions of the magazine and its website.
BARBECUE AMERICA MAGAZINE is a new bi-monthly magazine featuring interviews with legendary pitmasters, their tips and recipes, reviews of the best barbecue restaurants, wine and beer pairings, creating the authoritative and reliable news source for all-things barbecue. Whether you’re a pitmaster or a backyard BBQer, BARBECUE AMERICA MAGAZINE provides a unique perspective on the latest in the world of barbecue.
BARBECUE AMERICA MAGAZINE is a standard 8-1/4” x 10-7/8”, 96 to 100 page, glossy-cover magazine. BARBECUE AMERICA MAGAZINE retails for $6.99 and will be distributed via newsstand, subscription, and at key barbecue events across the United States. BARBECUE AMERICA MAGAZINE has committed to print 250,000 copies for each of its first six issues and will be available in print, digital, and PDF downloads here at

Give it a look and learn something about this great sport of ours. 1 year subscription is $25 and you get 6 issues.

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