Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Res-Qing the Rescue Squad

My wife is the admin for the Fort Mill Rescue Squad and earlier this year they had me cook some BBQ for them. They loved it. They invited me back to cook for them for their Christmas party. They needed some rescuing from previous, not so good, party food.

I was happy to do it for them. I struggled over the menu for awhile and originally planned brisket, burnt ends, turkey, MOINK balls, mac n cheese, salad and dessert. The brisket fell through as I was having trouble finding it in the area. I ended up doing pulled pork. It all turned out great.

I got up early so I could cook the meat all day. I did have some temperature issues as the early morning temperatures were around 24ยบ. It took a little longer to heat up the cooker and then it wanted to cook hotter then I wanted. I was able to wrangle the temperature down and get the meat cooked. Due to the higher heat the pork and turkey were done earlier then planned but that worked out ok as it opened room for the MOINK balls to fit on the cooker.
The meats cooking.
Best mac n cheese I've made to date.
We couldn't get in the building to set up until about 30 minutes before everyone was supposed to arrive. We got there 10 minutes late but had everything set up and ready to go in time. It helps to have MOINK ball appetizers to distract the hungry masses.
Ready to serve.

The evening went off without a hitch and the Rescue Squad had some great food and lots of fun.

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