Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bacon Wrapped Fiesta Burger

A couple weeks ago I got the idea to make something like a bacon explosion. A bacon explosion will put you into a meat coma if not consumed carefully. My idea was for a bacon wrapped fiesta burger. 

@1.5lbs ground beef
1 onion
1 egg
Worcestershire sauce
1 pack of bacon
1 can of blackbeans
1 can of tomatoes

I started by cutting up the onion and chopping it up fine. I mixed the onion in with the ground beef, egg, some Worcestershire sauce and rub. Once that was mixed up I set it aside to marry the flavors together. 

I took the bacon and wove a lattice out of it. Once that was together I made a large square patty out of the hamburger and placed it onto the bacon. I opened and drained the tomatoes and black beans then spread them on the hamburger.
Bacon lattice.
Hamburger, black beans and tomatoes.
I then rolled up the beef into a log and sprinkled some more rub on the outside and rolled the bacon lattice around it. I also sprinkled more rub on that. [I cheated in rolling it up. I put some plastic wrap down and used that to help flatten the hamburger, then used it to help hold everything together when I rolled it.]

Ready to be rolled.

Rolled and ready to cook.
I had been smoking pork butts so the cooker was at a nice 250ยบ. I set the bacon wrapped fiesta burger on the grill and let it cook until the bacon was done. I removed it from the fire and sliced it up.
On the fire with the other meats.
Done cooking. 
Sliced and ready to serve.
It was yummy. It had that bacon burger flavor with a nice smokiness to it. Next time I make it I want to use salsa in it instead of tomatoes. Some roasted peppers would be nice too.