Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Joy of BBQ

I'm looking forward to this weekend. Saturday I plan to get up around seven, start a fire in the cooker and cook some pork butts and chicken. Some people say, "That's a lot of work for some food." It may be, but I find it enjoyable and relaxing.

My oldest brother is in-town visiting so I promised him and his family some real BBQ. It is a labor of love. Love for my family and love for the experience of BBQing.

There is something about a cooker, fire  and raw meat that just feels so good. BBQ is about the process and the finished product. Maybe it appeals to that primitive man in me. The caveman you might say. Using raw heat to turn a slab of meat into a work of culinary art. Maybe there is some what of a religious experience in it. After all God said that the sacrifices were "a pleasing aroma." (Exodus 29:41). Yeah I know pork is not a kosher meat and never used in sacrifices but when I smell the cooker going that's one of the things it makes me think of.

After the meat is cooked and shared it is nice to know my family and friends are enjoying it. The sounds of good conversation around the table or no sound at all as they eat. Just hanging out with them after a long hot day near the cooker. That is what makes BBQ so great for me.

BBQ is always better when shared with friends and family.

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