Thursday, February 11, 2010

Q Class

Last weekend my friend Ken (of CatchaFire for Q) and I went to a BBQ class called Road to the Winners Circle. It was a a great class. Not one for the beginning BBQer but really good for someone who competes and is trying to get the edge to move to the next level.

The class was taught by Troy Black (pictured left) of He’s a really good guy and knows his stuff. He was able to answer many questions we had about things and we got some great tips that will, hopefully, take us to the next level. No, I’m not going to share what he taught us here you have to go to his class.

He covered how to get your brisket, pork, ribs and chicken prepared and cooked and then how to set up the presentation boxes. Each of the things he went over are key to impressing judges and making sure you can get a good score. The best part of a class is you get to taste what you cook, and it was GOOD!

He also has a BBQ 101 class where he teaches you how to BBQ in your backyard. It would take out some of the guess work when you first start out and help you understand how to get a fire going and how to use the cooking equipment properly.

Both Ken and I are excited about this years competitions after going to this class. We’re looking forward to trying out what we learned and getting some wins.

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