Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunday Ribs

This weekend I made some ribs. Harris Teeter had a sale of buy one get one free on ribs and I couldn't resist. I decided to try a different rub that had a Moroccan flavor to it. The rub smelled good and I thought it would work well but I was mistaken.

Don't get me wrong, the ribs weren't awful they just weren't up to my usual standards. The rub had fennel in it. I am not a fan of fennel and neither are pork ribs. The family enjoyed them but commented that they were not as good as the ones I usually make.

The ribs waiting for the grill

The ribs cooking.

Almost ready to come off after being glazed with sauce.

The final ribs.

Lesson learned: avoid rubs with fennel for ribs and pork.

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