Tuesday, May 2, 2017

iGrill Mini Review

Product: iGrill Mini
Company: Weber
Price: @$50

About two years ago I purchased an iGrill mini. This past Christmas I revived another as a gift. . The igrill mini is a little Bluetooth thermometer that talks directly to your mobile devices and lets you track your cook my temperatures from anywhere on the house. I love them. 

The igrill mini uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the Weber iGrill app and allows you to watch the temperature as your food cooks. For long cooks it's great because you can track your meat and see when it stalls or if you're cooking too fast or whatever else you watch for. It will also graph the temperature changes so you can save and view them later. 

The iGrill Minis ready to track my cook.

You can set alarms and done times so if you're prepping other items you don't overcook your meat. You can also get a clip on probe that will allow you to monitor the grill temperature to see if you have a flare up, the fire does down or the temperature fluctuates so you can adjust it. 

The iGrill uses your iPhone or Android phone as an interface to monitor the temperatures. The app also connects to the Apple Watch so you can monitor your cook from your wrist. The app is very easy to use. It has preprogrammed temperatures in it but also allows you to create your own and save them. There is also an Apple Watch app that allows you to monitor the cook from your watch. It's all very easy to use and allows you to get accurate temperatures while you cook. 

Tracking the cook on the iPad. 

I've used mine on long cooks, short grilling cooks, chicken, turkey, brisket and pork butts and have been pleased with the results. On the Gibbs Ribs* scale this product gets a full rack of ribs and a side of sauce. From ease of use to battery life the iGrill works great and makes getting accurate temperatures on meats easy. 

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