Friday, December 18, 2015

A Trifle of Dessert Fun

While I love BBQ it's not the only thing I cook. I like to try out various things and especially desserts. I like to find new things I can feed my friends and family.

This time of year I like to make and play with desserts. One dessert I make every year is biscotti, the recipe is from The Joy of Cooking pg 834 (in my edition). This year I received some 3.4oz dessert cups from Cambro to do try some things with. So once again I got to play with my food.

For the dessert cups I had a few ideas of thinks that they could be used for.

  • Bloody Mary shots with a garnish of burnt ends
  • Shrimp cocktails
  • Oyster shooters
  • Fruit trifles 
  • Pudding trifles
  • Fruit cups
That's just a few of the ideas. I decided to do a small, but rich, trifle for one test and banana pudding for another.

Winter Trifle

  • Oreo's
  • Whipped cream (homemade almond flavor)
  • Chocolate chips
  • Kiss candy
I took a few Oreo's and crushed them up. I packed some in the bottom of the dessert cups and then put whipped cream with chocolate chips mixed in on top of the Oreo's. I topped that with some more crushed Oreo's. I then put a dollop of whipped cream with out chocolate chis in it on top and topped it all with a Kiss. I put a dark chocolate Kiss on mine and peppermint Kisses on my family's. They were a hit.
The Winter trifle.

Banana Pudding

I used the recipe from Virgil's BBQ cook book for the banana pudding. I took the cups and put one Nilla wafer in the the bottom of each. I then added the banana pudding on top with a layer of chocolate chips and then topped it with whipped cream and a dollop of meringue. It was all sprinkled with crushed Nilla wafers. It was another fabulous dessert but it didn't need the chocolate added. 
The Banana Pudding.


Every year I make biscotti around Christmas. This year I made dark chocolate chip and a white chocolate chip types. They take a little work and some time to complete but are well worth it. Sadly, they are gone now. Here is a little picture essay of the process. 
Ready to bake... the first time.

Fresh out of the oven ready for slicing. 

Ready for the second bake. 

Drizzled with chocolate.

Dipped in chocolate and Heath bar. 

That's my fun with dessert so far this year. try some of them out or share what you've done. and Have a Merry Christmas and a Harpy New Year!

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