Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Our SUPER Super Bowl Screen
This weekend we had a Super Bowl party and I smoked a bunch of food for it. I had done some St. Louis ribs last month and had saved the trimmed tips so I used those along with some country style ribs. I also did the crowd pleasing MOINK balls, wings and Pigs on the Wing. We had a great time with lots of friends eating, talking, cheering on our teams and making fun of the half time show.

I set up a projector to watch the game on. It makes about 103" screen. It was pretty awesome. I got my wife to stand in for a scale reference.

I had so much meat I had to fire up two cookers. My trusty TW8060 kept an eye on my Texas grill and made sure I was maintaining temperature. I love that thermometer. I used Sock's Love Rub on the ribs and sauced them with Horn Dawg's Sauce. They were a hit. I will be reviewing both of these products fully in the near future.
Great rub From Sock's Love. 
Horn Dawgs sauce thanks to OshawaOgre.
Ribs rubbed and waiting

Filling one cooker

Almost ready to eat
MOINK Balls!

Wings ready to go

Pigs on the Wing...Mmmm

The Texas grill with the TW8060. Maintained right at 245ยบ.

Ready to eat. 

We had a great time. Food and friends make for a fun evening.


  1. I know. I was going to take a picture of the entire spread and put it up but realized I forgot to when I was looking through the pictures. If you have one I'll add it.

  2. I Love the pictures! It's evidence that you had alot of fun gitting'erDone. I wish I had two smokers though. My spread looked much like yours. This is one of my favorite weekends to BBQ.Nice touch with the projector to... (jealousy setting in)Lol

  3. Btw... Let me know when you write up the review on the rub. I wanna read that one too

  4. Thanks BBQPairadise. Its always fun to cook for a crowd that enjoys the food. The projector was one we didn't use at work anymore and they wanted it to have a new home, I volunteered to give it a home and we have enjoyed it often.