Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First Mini Catering Gig

This past weekend one of our friends asked me to cook for their sons b-day. He wanted butts, slaw and potato salad.

I did four butts and a big that's-a-bowl of coleslaw and potato salad. I used a fellow designer's (Jeff Fisher of LogoMotives) coleslaw recipe. It was very good.

Well I was supposed to be up at 3:30 am to get the butts on by 4:00 so they would be done in time for the party. I didn't get up until 5:30. D'OH!!

Well the butts didn't quite get to the temp I wanted (195) but they were done (180-185) and tasted great. The people I was cooking for are all Carolinian's and very particular about their Q, they all loved it.

Here are a couple pictures from the cook.
The cooker

Smoking nicely

The butts about half way through.

Things I learned:
1: Make sure when you set your alarm you turn it on.
2: cooking a little hotter does help get the food done, but it still takes time.
3: smoked hotdogs that roll in the grease from a pork butt are very yummy.

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